SATVA Spring Members Meeting

April 17, 2012

Wyndham Blake Hotel

Chicago, IL

SATVA Fall Members' Meeting

November 2, 2010

Downtown Chicago, IL

The James Hotel

SATVA Semi-Annual Members’ and Board of Directors’ Meetings

April 30, 2008

The NCCBH 38th National Council Conference was scheduled for May 1-3, 2008 in Boston, MA. Since many SATVA members attend this conference each year we decided to plan our meeting in accordance with this event and scheduled the SATVA Semi-Annual Members and Board of Directors Meeting for April 30, 2008.

Our last member meeting marked the beginning of a new SATVA meeting format, which was received very well by the membership and will be repeated in this and future meetings of SATVA.

The meeting provided the opportunity to socialize with your competitors and explore potential business partnerships.

SATVA Semi-Annual Members’ and Board of Directors’ Meetings

October 4, 2007

Doubletree Hotel Chicago - Oak Brook
1909 Spring Road
Oak Brook, IL  60523

At the Spring members’ meeting there was an informal discussion regarding the goals and mission of SATVA resulting in a survey being completed by the members to garner their input on these topics. This discussion was continued in depth at the summer Board Retreat resulting in the development of a draft of the recommended priorities for SATVA. The fall members’ meeting offered the opportunity to review these recommendations and refine them to assure that SATVA increases its relevance and importance to its members.

Tom Trabin has resigned as SATVA’s Executive Director to devote time to some exciting opportunities both nationally and internationally. We all wish Tom success in these endeavors and thank him for the leadership he brought to SATVA. Tom graciously supported our transition efforts through September and the planning of the fall member’s meeting.

David Jaffe was chosen to replace Tom Trabin as Executive Director of SATVA.  David is Principal of Jaffe Management Inc., an association management company, and will organize future meetings and administer the SATVA website along with other operational duties.


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