If you represent a software or technology company serving the behavioral health and human services community and would like to become a member of SATVA, contact David Jaffe, Executive Director, at or by telephone at 646-233-0167.

  1. Two membership meetings a year, each providing an excellent opportunity to network with representatives from other software and technology companies and learn about industry-related developments, including use of new technology applications, recent mergers and acquisitions, trends in customer needs, emerging national policies and data standards,  etc.
  2. Opportunities to informally explore business partnerships of mutual benefit.
  3. Valuable member discounts on advertisements in the trade journal Behavioral Healthcare.
  4. Opportunities as an association to influence national policies and data standards that are not available as individual companies.  These have included active participation in the Summit on a National Behavioral Health Information Infrastructure with the opportunity to influence the longer-term initiative of transforming systems of care through the use of information technology.
  5. Opportunities to work with other trade associations on projects of mutual interest and gain.  Past projects have included working with MHCA developing best practice guidelines for software selection and implementation, and working with NCCBH on informatics components to their Annual Training Conference.
  6. Opportunities to improve business conditions for your and other software companies.  These occur through:
    1. National efforts to raise understanding regarding the effective use of information technology for behavioral healthcare organizations.  Efforts include national white papers on informatics topics, presentations at conferences, and a recurring column in a major trade journal.
    2. A widely publicized trade association to represent IT vendors in behavioral healthcare, which serves to raise the credibility and profile of IT vendors in general and the association members in particular.  Our Guidelines for Business Practices is intended to raise the bar for relationships between software vendors and customers.
    3. A jointly-funded study of the size of the IT market in behavioral healthcare.  This helps to attract investor capital with the first hard financial data on IT expenditures in behavioral healthcare organizations.

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