SATVA’s beginnings were at a first meeting of software and technology vendors in March of 1999. That meeting led to 7 more over a two-year period, each building on the other and including several successful projects. After several of the meetings the vendors began to envision possibilities for what they could accomplish, adopted the name Behavioral Health Software and Technology Vendors’ Alliance (BHSTVA), and began contemplating the formation of a trade association. The story of these beginnings, and how the process of coalescing as a group gained momentum, was chronicled in an article published in the Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow journal.

In June of 2001, at the 8th meeting of the vendors, they decided to incorporate as a nonprofit trade association. They elected a Board of Directors and Executive Officers, adopted Bylaws, and created the name Software and Technology Vendors’ Association (SATVA). They then formalized this with a public press release

SATVA has expanded its activities and influence each year, while remaining consistent in focus upon its primary mission and goals. For a general description of SATVA’s mission, primary current activities, and accomplishments, click here



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