The Software and Technology Vendors’ Association (SATVA) is an open and accessible trade organization for vendors of behavioral health and human services software and information technology. Executives of the major software companies began meeting in 1999 for one or two days, and after 11 meetings over a two-year period they incorporated SATVA as a 501c6 trade association in 2001. Its members have a genuine concern for the welfare of the behavioral health and human services industry, and are devoted to:

  • promoting the use of effective information technology in behavioral health and human services
  • helping to formulate and support quality improvement for the highest industry standards
  • facilitating the delivery of more efficient and effective consumer services through use of information technology
The Association is committed to raising the profile of the technology profession within the behavioral health and human services industry and to promoting the highest standards for practice, products, and conduct of its members. Toward these ends, SATVA members endorse the Guidelines for Business Practice available on SATVA’s website as a guide for how they commit to working with customers and each other.

SATVA member companies share a common goal to improve the information infrastructure with which their customers can deliver more efficient and effective services to their consumers and their community. To help accomplish this, SATVA provides educational information to the behavioral health field on best practices for working with software companies and for selecting, implementing and using software. SATVA is engaged in partnerships with several national trade associations of treatment providers to produce papers and presentations on these best practices, and SATVA members write articles for national trade journals on these topics. Posted on SATVA’s website are ten published articles written on behalf of SATVA by its members during the past three years, two of the slide presentations they have given at national conferences, and links to informatics-related resources produced through the auspices of SAMHSA’s Center for Mental Health Services. By posting these informational resources on our website, SATVA hopes to reach more decision makers with this valuable information.

SATVA believes strongly in the value of data and information technology standards to reduce unnecessary overhead for the field, promote interoperability of software, support more effective care for persons receiving treatment and related services, and enhance quality improvement efforts. Standards are also essential for our field to become an active participant in the emerging national health information infrastructure. To these ends, SATVA has formed a working partnership with the Federal Center for Mental Health Services in SAMHSA to develop standards, develop a white paper outlining a long-term vision and plan for a national behavioral health information infrastructure, and plan a Summit on a National Behavioral Health Information Infrastructure for September of 2005.

SATVA members value the opportunity for dialogue with each other to increase their understanding of the developing trends and needs of the behavioral health market for information technology. Members meet for a full day semi-annually, and use web-based seminars, email broadcasts and conference calls on an ongoing basis to remain updated and exchange current information with each other.



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