The SATVA Members Guidelines for Business Practice


SATVA is an open and accessible trade organization for vendors of behavioral health and human services software and information technology. Its members have a genuine concern for the welfare of the behavioral health and human services industry, and are devoted to:

  • promoting the use of effective information technology in behavioral health and human services
  • helping to formulate and support quality improvement for the highest industry standards
  • facilitating the delivery of more efficient and effective consumer services through use of information technology

The Association is committed to raising the profile of the technology profession within the behavioral health and human services industry and to promoting the highest standards for practice, products, and conduct of its members. SATVA member companies share a common goal to improve the information infrastructure with which their customers can deliver more efficient and effective services to their consumers and their community. Toward these ends, SATVA members endorse the following Guidelines for Business Practice.

SATVA Members’ Business Guidelines

The SATVA membership comprises a wide variety of business models, products, and philosophies. As such, there can be no comprehensive set of guidelines which would completely pertain to all members. Therefore, the principles set forth below are intended to establish the platform on which each SATVA member can model their business practices for customer and competitive relationships. Any suspected breach should first be addressed CEO to CEO between the member companies. SATVA members are required to:

  • Represent their products, services and credentials accurately in proposals and demonstrations
  • Negotiate contracts in good faith
  • Attempt to respond to customers’ questions and concerns in a reasonable and timely manner
  • Treat customers and competitors fairly and with respect
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of customer and consumer information
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest
  • Conduct activities in a manner that reflects favorably on the profession
  • Discuss these Guidelines with their employees, especially all sales employees
  • Append these Guidelines to their RFP responses



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